Welcome to Made of Sunshine & Rainbows, the Fanlisting dedicated to sexy, quirky, rocking british comedian and actor Noel Fielding. Best known for his roles as Vince Noir in The Mighty Boosh and as Richmond in The IT Crowd.

I have always been obsessed with british men and I have always had a thing for funny men. So it was inevitable I totally fell for Noel as soon as I discovered him. He's a brilliant comedian with the looks and talent of a rockstar. Together with his kind hearted spirit and adorable quirky-ness he never fails to make me laugh, swoon or dream.

So I'm incredibly lucky for being approved for this fanlisting and I will take good care of it.

Important note: This is just a temporary layout. I took it from my collective where I already had a Noel skin. I really want to do something special with that fanlisting, cause Noel is my #1 wishlister, but the situation is, that I am currently stuck in Bangkok, because of the Icelandic volcano erruption.
I can't get away from here cause they won't fly us out to Germany. The dealine for finishing this so important fanlisting comes closer and so I decided to set up this temporary layout for now, till I get home and have the oppurtunity to design a new proper layout.
So keep checking for a new look during the next weeks.

The only Fanlisting approved by TheFanlistings.org and listed in the actors category.

If you love Noel and his comical endeavors as much is I do please grab a code and join the fanlisting.

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